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Little do they know is that I am having the time of my life for a couple of nights. Staying up late nights being romantic, swimming in the indoor pools and taking strolls down the sandy beaches.

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I was looking in the death notices in my local newspaper and I was sad to see that my old high school fuck buddies had passed away at an early age. We both were the jocks in high school and he played football and I was the head cheerleader. Every party that was held during the high school years, we always attended and our coaches would always find out. We always had to run extra laps or around the track for punishment.

He was a great man, served in the military and made a beautiful family. I never had met his wife or children but I did attend his funeral silently. No one really talked to me because there were so many people attending. I signed the guest book and I sent a huge bouquet of flowers with a card from “your buddy”. It is our secret and I will never forget all the fun that we had growing up as kids!

My wife sent me to the shoe store to get my little one new dress shoes because she was going to be the flower girl in a friend’s upcoming wedding. I walked in and a beautiful woman was working in the shoe department and she offered to measure my daughter’s feet to see what size she needed. She took the measurement and said that she would be right back.

A couple minutes later she brought out about 10 different pair of dress shoes for her to try on. I told my daughter to pick out the ones that she liked the best and started flirting with the woman. I did have to be very careful because my little one would run off and telling mommy. For the last three months she has been one great fuck buddy! I feel very confident that I will not get caught because she is not looking for any type of relationship.

My best friend Stevie has just bagged himself an absolutely gorgeous girlfriend! She used to be one of those Leicester escorts who dates guys for money but she now works as a beauty therapist in her very own salon and employs three other girls so she is really doing well for herself.

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